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Your Golden Years

You've learned a lifetime and it's time to celebrate you! 

I lost my Grandma when she was 67 years old. My biggest regret was not having more photos of her, not being able to celebrate her. My grandmother was the type of person that never did anything for herself. She told bedtime stories every night, made meals every day and gave support when it was needed most. Her life was filled with struggles, from losing a husband to surviving a war and growing old in a foreign country. She was so strong and so kind. She deserved to be celebrated.

You can agree with me when I say: it's always the good ones that are taken too soon. Let's not waste any more time and start to celebrate these loved ones in our lives with a photo session!

Any person who is 50+ years old,

gets a FREE 30 minute solo session with me.

I've grown tired of hearing people tell me that they wished they had more photos of their lost loved ones.

I'm a photographer, THIS is what I do dang it. Let me do this for you.

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