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My name is Yer Xiong and I'm the photographer behind Yer Photos. I graduated from Madison College with an Associates Degree in Photography. I was born in a refugee camp in Thailand and moved to the United States in '92. Growing up in a big family, with 6 sisters and 2 brothers, has taught me to be patient and understanding in all of my relationships - professional and personal.

I love being Hmong.

I love being a photographer.


I put my heart into everything that I do and I like to have fun. I'm not very good at hiding my emotions, so I'm very contagious - my positive energy will infect you when we meet.

I'm a smiler. :)

I choose to use my photography to be the change in the world that I want to see. Every one has a story to tell and I want to be there to listen and to document those stories.



As time goes on and my little family grows a bit bigger (Me, Fiancé, 2 sons and a little girl on the way), I am reminded of how quickly time flies and how moments have become memories. These personal projects exist to remind me that I was this person at one point in time, and there's always room to grow. Enjoy! 

"Being Hmong means being free."

Growing up, my mother and grandmother would constantly tell me that only with hard work and determination will I be able to have a life worth living. Because of strong women like them, who set examples and support us, we are able to achieve many dreams and change the way society looks at us.

Because of them, we are Unleashed.

The human body is a landscape.

Every curve to every hair is uniquely placed to make us an individual. There's grace in our scars and beauty in our flaws. 

Life isn't all that bad when you can take pieces of metal, apply heat and pressure and give it a new purpose. Welding is like a life lesson: when you can't do something alone, under pressure and intense heat, you were always meant to combine forces and become stronger

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